PITA Membership

PITA Membership:

Each new teacher is eligible to receive a free membership in a PSA such as PITA.
You must attend the BCTF Local’s induction meeting to receive this. However many locals don’t hold them each year, or you may be hired after the date or be unable to attend. Contact the Local President and ask about this option. They have a form from the BCTF that you need to fill out (maybe they can scan it to you) and you can send it in to them.
To find the name and email of your local president on the BCTF website, the shortcut is here.

As a PITA member you get access to our Members’ section of the PITA Website, which now contains over 200 novel summaries and questions to use for novel studies or literature circles.

Receive 2 or more newsletters each year, and join your colleagues in supporting our advocacy of support for teachers with a focus on: struggling students, early career teachers and curriculum support.

Membership BCTF Active members, $37.50,
TOC and Student teachers, $15,
Subscribers (Private School teachers) $57.50

2. Form a ‘PITA Chapter’ and receive financial support.
One of the best ways to continue your learning following an event is to participate in a PITA Chapter. They provide a way for teachers to work together and learn from each other in a local area. Working with colleagues is the most effective and rewarding kind of professional development. There is financial support available. Contact Ray to find out how to get started at president@pita.ca

3. If you are a Start UP! participant and would be willing to help out. Contact Elaine at president@pita.ca we select a few people for a PITA Support Team who help organize things at PITA events such as PITA-Whistler and the PITA Fall Conference. You may get a free conference, and the chance to become involved in the profession.