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Social Studies Fall 08 page -esp Kenya and mining

Start UP! Your Socials Program Successfully workshop materials

Build UP! Your Socials Program Successfully workshop materials

Grade Level Resources

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Some resources for immigration from Ray.

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The Critical Thinking Consortium has an extensive website of resources related to Social Studies and LA.
Serveral Metro districts are members and teachers can join for free and access the resources if they have a district email.
As of Aug’13 member districts are: Burnaby, Vancouver, Delta, Coquitlam and Surrey.

Researcher’s Workshop Materials – Holly Lloyd
Internet Resources

Workshop Resources:
Ancient Greece Across the Curriculum-Phillis Giovanni & Nadine Keyworth


Social Studies -Kenya, mining

Social Studies – Notes from Fall 08 page

PITA Conference notes:
Kenya: Our Global Friend

BC History.
I’m doing gr 4/5 this year after several years of doing 5/6 or 6, so I’m creating a socials studies unit combining BC History, Mining which is a science topic. I thought I’d post what I’ve done, It’s really a work in progress but its might illustrate some ideas. The planning form I use is based upon Understanding by design. The basic idea is
figure out what you are going to teach in the unit
figure out how to assess it
figure out what is needed for students to successfully meet the targets in the assessment
figure out the order and deliver of ‘what is needed.

Hope you find the idea useful. It might be great to share them.
By the way there is a complete website and I have posted my stuff there, but they keep charging me to be a member so I’m not using them right now.
Here are the two files:
[[UBD Template 08.doc]]
[[ Mining- UDB Planning Sept 08.doc ]]

BC150 has lots of good resources. I’m looking at the drama one right now.

Hi there ..
Within my practicum my grade 3/4 class are looking at the world around us. Our main idea was how the world affects us and how we affect the world.I started the unit by reading the novel Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson (and also received the the resource guide) .As a class we discussed similarities and differences between the students in our class and the students in the little village of Pakistan. We also discussed ways we as a class could help the children in such countries as Pakistan, to receive a better education. We examined the difference between the value of a penny for us and value for a penny in Pakistan.We began collecting pennies within our class, within our school and within our community. We also wrote letters to local businesses and agencies for donations. The resource package has some great lesson plans for this fun and interactive unit.My students really enjoyed this unit especially collecting the pennies and realizing the difference they can made in another child’s life.

PfP_K-4_CurriculumResourceGuide.pdfexternal image pdf.png PfP_K-4_CurriculumResourceGuide.pdf


Start Up Your Socials

Content related to the Start UP! Your Socials Program Successfully workshop

Handout from Start UP workshop- Holly Lloyd.

Start UP Social Studies handout.doc
Broken Squares instructions.doc
broken squares puzzles.doc

The handout is missing the social responsibility quickscales. These can be found online at the following BC Ministry website: performance standards for social responsibility

The quick scales written in child friendly language:

Version One

Version Two
Social Responsibility Gr 4 and 5.doc
Social Responsibility Gr 6 and 7.doc

Mapping Units:

Each unit has 6 lessons. With some adaptation, these lessons can stand alone, be integrated into other units or be used in sequence. World maps are only in the level 4 unit and Canada maps are only in the level 5 unit. Please remember mapping is best taught within the context of other topics in Social Studies and these are meant as a starter.

Mapping Unit.doc – grade 4 unit covers continents and oceans, symbols and legends
World Map with Atlantic centre can be found at World Map Dot Com

Activité des symboles et légendes – Lac Chien.doc – This is the Dog Lake and the See Island activities from unit 4 translated into French for any immersion teachers:) Hope someone will use it! I love the idea of us all sharing:)
Fabulous! Thanks so much for doing that! -Holly

Mapping Unit5.doc – reviews continents and oceans, symbols and legends; covers Canadian political boundaries, physical regions and distribution of natural resources

province tags.docx– Each province and their flag is located in this document. You can cut them out and paste them onto black cardstock (laminate them, I love laminating) and they can be used along side Holly’s lesson- mapping unit 5. When you are done you will have 13 province cards. They turn out great if you have a colour printer 🙂
For a sample of what they look like printed, matted, and laminated click on the link:sample_of_province_tags.jpg 🙂 KL

Mapping Unit6.doc – For grade 6 & 7
reviews continents and oceans, symbols and legends, Canadian political boundaries; covers scale and distance, longitude and latitude

Organization Skills:

Directions test.doc – This is a great version of the test that teaches students to read the directions carefully before beginning. It can also be used to teach the skill of scanning a paper quickly. For example, reading the first half of the sentence to make sure it is a direction would quickly help you see that question 13 is different.

Weekly Online Current Events Units

Currents4Kids (C4K) is a subscription-based online news site for elementary and middle school-age students that features 40 weekly news articles over the course of the school year. The articles are accompanied by online quizzes and other activities, and supplementary materials.

Grade 5 Socials Resources


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Build Up Your Socials