Planning the Year

Content related to the Start UP! Your Class Successfully- Planning the Year Workshop
I am grateful to Holly Lloyd for preparing and sharing most of these materials. -Ray.

Yearly Planning Resources:

Grade Preview -year overview.doc – a half year on a page template shared by a primary teacher (Deanne Lawder’s template)

Math Text matched to IRP.doc – handout– K-6 literacy and numeracy resources for lesson, unit and yearly planning

Learning Outcomes & Overviews:

NOTE This spreadsheet is set to show the instructions. The LOs are on the next sheet. To see other grades and subjects you need to click on the triangle beside grade and subject (at the top of the spreadsheet) and select all or (deselect) the subject(s) or grades you want.

All LOs 2007-2008.xlsx

Burnaby’s A/B system for combined classes.
science irp and tracking system.pdf

Planning Resources aligned with BC New Curriculum: Coming Soon! Support and tools from the BC Ministry of Education about the New Curriculum and resources for planning. Be sure to check out the Contributed Materials page for materials shared by BC educators.

Sample Yearly Plans: (Submit yours here!)

Please note the the following sample yearly plans were created and submitted prior to the new BC curriculum.

PE Yearly Planning page

Grade 4
YearPlan Gr 4.doc

Grade 5
YearPlan Gr 5.doc
YearPlan for SS 4 & 5.doc– Social Studies

Grade 6
Year Overview.doc– sample started for gr 6 and 7
year overview example gr6-7.doc– sample from workshop started for grade 6 and 7

Grade 8
yearplan.doc– French 8

Revised April 2016