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Cooperative Learning tips and strategies

The show not tell approach to learning

Planning for instruction

Diversity and Differentiation Resources
Kids in my class-Delta.pdf
Students with diverse needs in regular classrooms- from Delta School District.
A listing of characteristics of students with diverse needs and suggestions for support.

For Reading and Behaviour support. books by Dawn Reighaug.
Ask for her books from your LAC or resource person. All districts will have at least some of her books somewhere.
If necessary as your principal to check with other schools or buy it. $80 ea. Here is the order form so you will have the titles and her contact info. Order_Form_for_Books_by_Dawn_Reithaug_-_2012_02_01.pdf
Her materials are encyclopedic and practical with many blackline masters. You will use the reading one regularly even if you are a classroom teacher.-Ray

2008 Fall Conference notes:
F25 Teacher Modeling-The Show Not Tell Approach to Learning

Workshop Handouts:
Cooperative Learning Tips and Strategies

Getting Groups to Work: Creative Problem Solving in the Classroom:
MI Inventory
Broken Squares activity
Real Estate pictures for problem in handout

The TC2 Consortium– which focuses on creating supports for teachers in the area of critical thinking.
One of the things they are creating are ‘strategies’ that can be used in many situations.
These materials include graphic organizers and other charts to help students organize their thinking and rubrics for assessing student achievement.
Support Materials can be used as-is, or saved and manipulated to suit individual needs.

You can access some of the activities on the Alberta Learning website: