Physical Activity- Using Pedometers

Using Pedometers for Daily Activity, PE, Science and Math!

As part of the Science curriculum Life Sciences and the Human Body, my class
has been studying the structure and function of the circulatory system. One
of the resources I used was the Heart & Stroke Association’s “Heart Smart
Kids” binder. When we reached the section, Active Living, I thought the use
of pedometers would be a great hands on activity. They have loved it.

For one week the students have been monitoring the number of steps they have
taken each day and have recorded the information. The goal has been to
achieve 10,000 steps each day. The students’ response has been great. Each
morning as I let them into the classroom, they are eager to tell me how many
steps they walked the day before. The highest so far as been almost 20,000!
Throughout the day you will see the students checking their pedometer,
especially after recess and lunch. Students want to go for walks as part of
the DPA and are taking the long route home to increase their step count.
While waiting in line to change classes many of the students are walking on
the spot.

With the data I intend to teach averaging and graphing. We will learn how
to make a graph and also how to interpret the information (for example one
day the count of most students was down). Each student will graph their own
information and we will complete a class graph.

We will also be doing some reflective writing on the experience.

We have also discussed ways they can increase their level of fitness by
walking and what they can do to increase their walking. By being aware of
the numbers provided by the pedometers, it gives the students an observable

I am glad that we have used the pedometers, There are many potential
benefits to having our school purchase a class set to be used by students.

I hope you find this information useful.
Thanks to Pat from Burnaby for the use of this report, and Art who alerted us about it.