Year of Professional Support

What help do you need?

If one asks an early career teacher ‘What help do you need?’
The first response is ‘everything!’.
However maybe this response can be broken down into knowing:

1. What should I consider concentrate on?
Our workshops are designed to take some of the worry away and provide you with ‘just in time’ support for:

A. Starting the year. (in Part 1:‘Start UP Your Class Successfully Workshop’)

B. Building up your program gradually. (in Part 2:‘Start UP Your Program (French, science, etc) Successfully Workshops’)

2. How can I efficiently get prepared?

The workshops are the key way to do this, however beyond that, I think the best idea is to ‘share the workload’.
For any teacher to prepare excellently for everything is impossible.

That’s the reason for the Wiki. – share your material and gain from the work of others in the same situation, as well as experienced teachers.

Our goal is to have you, the early career teachers guide us in developing supports for you. There is funding available to support us in this work. Will you consider participating? The benefits? A network of colleagues, and knowledge of resources, and influence in the type of supports you need.
For information contact Ray Myrtle

The program was operated by PITA in two pilot sites for 08-09 Abbotsford and Kelowna, but available to early career teacher anywhere in BC. It was financially supported by the BC Ministry of Education and the Abbotsford and Central Okanagan Teacher Associations.