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Welcome to the Early Career Wiki.

This Wiki is designed to be a place for BC teachers to post unit planning and lesson preparation ideas and resources so that we can share what we have learned and the resources that we have created.

You are welcome to add material, and even ask others for information on discussion pages attached to each wikipage.

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This wiki was created and is maintained by Ray Myrtle former President of PITA for the the Start UP! program for early career teachers in British Columbia- Canada.

TO JOIN THIS WIKI  Joining allows you to upload and download, and allows access into the members section. Please include a SCHOOL email & your login in your message so Ray can approve you.  Email ray.myrtle(at)gmail.com

Questions or suggesions? Email Ray at: ray.myrtle(at)gmail.com

Read about other PITA Programs on www.pita.ca.

We are learning as we go along about how to create useful supports for early career teachers.