Teacher On Call

This page is for topics related to being a Teacher on Call

This is a general overview page. See the TOC Toolkit page for lesson suggestions.

About being a teacher

General links for new teachers – MmeCarr

A new site to help TTOCs deal with stress and maintain mental health from the BCTF https://www.starlingminds.com/

Study Skills Workshop: The TOC ToolKit

One of the ideas Ray is working on is creating some topics that TOCs can receive training on so that they can ‘add value’ to the day when they are in a classroom. For example, one I am working on is ‘Study Skills’. The idea is that we will work with a group later in the year, to create a workshop and resources so that TOCs can deliver the workshop when called into a class. If you are interested, let Ray know at ray.myrtle(at)gmail.com


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TOC Files
20 Student Brain Breaks.docx
20 reasons for making mistakes.docx
Four in a Row Game.doc

A LINK TO CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT IDEAS- http://www.pinterest.com/3rdgradeinco/classroom-management/