Start UP Your Science Program Resources

1. Start UP! Series’13- Start UP Your Science Program -Bill Morphett (Links to workshop handouts)
Start UP! ’13 workshop handouts :
Start up Science Unit.docx
2. Anne MacLean’s Unit Plan:  Mould Terrariums: Building a firm foundation with slimy science (Gr. 4-7) Sept. ’09

– Mould Terrariums: unit overview and introduction – MOULDTERRARIUMS_introduction.doc
– Mould Terrariums: lesson plans (detailed lesson plans, to do lists… everything you need to get organized!) MOULDTERRARIUMS_detailedlessonplans.doc
– Mould Terrariums blacklines (BLM’s) and keys (all BLM’s, notes home, answer keys etc.) MOULDTERRARIUMS_BLMsKEYS.doc

source for jeweler’s loupes:
(note: if you find a Canadian source for the loupes, please post the link here.) These jeweler’s loupes are not essential. Naked eye or ordinarly magnifying glasses will work.

3. Handout from Brian Herrin’s Start UP Your Science Program Workshop (Sept 2010):

PITA Water Workshop – 2010 10 11.doc

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b) if posting a document for download, include a title/reference in the link name (e.g. Observationlog_revised_annemacL)

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