Notes and resources for teaching Reading.

I went to the PITA conference that was in Kamloops just last weekend.  Here are my notes for the Language Arts Workshop:

“Good Readers” –
-construct meaning
-use prior knowledge
-think about authors
-figure out unfamiliar words/concepts
-evaluate the quality of text
-continue processing
-read actively
-advance preview
-make predictions
-read selectively
Rules for a Good Debate:
-You can only speak twice
-Starting with yes, sides alternate
First time you speak 5
make a point 1
prove something 2
rebuttal 2
prove rebuttal 3
Hand Up Pair Up: everyone puts their hand up in the air, then searches the room to find and partner and high fives them to show partnering.
Scavenger Hunt:
STEP 1: select about 8 different topics within one master theme
STEP 2: students work in teams to research 5 one page pieces of the topic
STEP 3: students design a literal question and a key for each page
Then set them up all around the room
by Melanie Mushtaler (email: