Physical Activity(Daily)

Daily Physical Activity (DPA) PITAWikiPage
Click here to download the PITA Pages for DPA created with the help of Action Schools! BC for use in September: PitaPages – Aug.4 Final.08.pdf
Here is the second PITA Pages on the DPA for use once the weather changes in the fall or winter. PITA Pages – Dec08.pdfAction Schools! BC has the best program out there to help you keep your students alert and healthy.
The program has been running for about a decade and comes complete with a kit of balls skipping ropes etc. that you can use in your classroom to help your kids be more active, more often.
Action Schools! BC
Download the Action Schools BC Flyer- Top 10 Complementary Services 2012-13
Using Pedometers for Daily Activity, PE, and Math

Other useful stuff from Ontario

Downloadable printable cards for 10 minute activities for each grade level from Ontario