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PITA Fall Conference Notes:
Helping Troubled Kids
Helping the Disorganized Child –by Mary Moody

Other Resources:
The Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities: A Resource for Teachers is now posted on the Ministry of Education Special Education Resource page at

Mental Health Services-a guide for teachers.pdf
PDF Document an introduction to student mental health issues including resources and who to contact.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) -an attempt to arrange instruction so that all children learn (from the same lesson) so no one falls behind.

Universal Design for learning suggests that lessons be organized so that all children can learn. This is very challenging, however to begin the process: here the UDL guildelines, this one page summary from www.CAST.org lists ways of differentiating lessons for all students learn.
UDL-Universal Design For learning-Guidelines.pdf.

See also the PITA-Whistler Mini Conference on in April-May of each year: ‘Supporting Struggling Students in Literacy and Math’
For information go to the Announcements page or the pita registration page

See also other PSAs (provincial Specialists Associations); LATA: Learning Assistance Teachers Association and Special Education PSA