Simple Machines 2015

Updated Simple Machine unit.
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Download NewBC-Science_learning_standards-August-2015.pdf

Understanding by Design- (backwards design) Overall Lesson plan
Sim Mach UBD(term2)SSv2015.docx

Lesson 1- Introduction to Experiment. Static Friction
Curricular Competencies:
Decide which variable should be changed and measured for a fair test
Choose appropriate data to collect to answer their questions
Observe, measure, and record data, using appropriate tools, including digital technologies
Friction exp photo.tiff
#1Friction Voc & Exp-2.doc
Lesson 2- The Poster!
Curricular Competencies:
Construct and use a variety of methods, including tables, graphs, and digital technologies, as appropriate, to represent patterns or relationships in data
Identify patterns and connections in data
Compare data with predictions and develop explanations for results
Demonstrate an openness to new ideas and consideration of alternatives
Science Report Form.docx
Science Report Rubric3.doc
Science Report Sample.pdf
Lesson 3 Kinetic Friction-
Improving the experiment to make it ‘repeatable’ and ‘catch up’ for those who had difficulty last time- The AIM: similar results!.
Curricular Competencies:
Evaluate whether their investigations were fair tests
Identify possible sources of error
Suggest improvements to their investigation methods
#3 Kinetic Friction.doc

Inclined Plane:
Curricular Competencies:
Identify questions to answer or problems to solve through scientific inquiry
Make predictions about the findings of their inquiry
#8 Inclined Plane Exp-rev15.doc

Simple visualization of Newton’s 3 Laws: