Grade 5 Science Resources

Post ideas/strategies/resources for Gr. 5 science here:

identify variables that can be changed in an experiment
evaluate the fairness of a given experiment
describe the steps in designing an experiment

The body: Outcomes:

describe the basic structure and functions of the human respiratory, digestive, circulatory, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems
explain how the different body systems are interconnected

Link to Ray’s Gr 4/5 The Body- Science unit- Under construction!

Link to Ray’s Gr 5 Simple Machines unit page. Spring 2012
Link to Ray’s Gr 5 Simple Machines unit page. Fall 11
See versions for students at
Here are two versions created in January 2012 for 1/wk science periods, or 1/wk+ periods
Below are two unit plans submitted (maybe by student teachers)..
Simple Machines – Unit Plan.docSimple Machines – Lessons (entire).doc (2nd one contains some useful graphics)
Some resources that Ray is collecting for use with his class: Bike Diagram (for final test)
Bike image;Bike_image.jpg

Simple machines quiz fro
Simple Machines Quiz1a.doc Final quiz ideas1.docSimple Machines Quiz1b.docSimple Machines Quiz1c.docSimple Machine Quiz D.docx(I changed the format a bit in Quiz D and added one question. Please let me know what you think.)