Use the index below to browse through the resources, strategies and ideas we’ve been collecting. Feel free to share your ‘additions or editions’ – or post your thoughts on the comment link as well.

Start UP! Series’13- Start UP Your Science Class -Bill Morphett (Link to workshop handouts)

Start UP Your Science Class Workshop (link to workshop handouts) including: Anne Maclean’s Mold unit, 4/5 a unit focused upon observation, adaptable to any primary grade as well.

Grades 4/5 Body Unit -Under construction
Grades 6/7 Anne Maclean’s Build UP workshop resources on Food webs (ecosystems) and adaptations

Grade Level Resources

Grade 4 Body, Light & Weather unit (planning only) -Contact Ray for more.
– Grade 5– links to Grade 5 resources
– Shortcut to Simple Machines unit Jan-Mar 2012– Ray Myrtle
– Grade 6
-shortcut to Simple Machines unit 2015- now part of Gr. 6
– Grade 7 Anne MacLean’s Food Chains, also Physical science & more)
Grade 7 **(Ecosystems) page for Fall 2011**
– Grade 8
– Grade 9

Burnaby has taken the science outcomes and created options for blended classes, and created an ‘A/B’ system so that district resources are not overloaded. These are just one district’s approach, but could be used by teachers in other districts. Link to packages is here.

Science Fair Resources:

The best place to start is Science World. They run a complete program.

Physical Science Resources
**Wolfram Demonstrations Project:**
View interactive demonstrations of the lever and over 7000 other things.
Requires free download