Venturing Beyond Novel Studies

Venturing Beyond Novel Studies! Using Literature to Reach ALL Children / Caroline Pennelli

Engaged/active listening
Look at cover, back, table of contents, etc. (infer)
Read aloud: modeling, ask key questions
IRP’s: address various text media, internalize, self-correct, thinking skills
Teacher model: explain, demonstrate, think about
3 Types: read aloud / shared / guided
Reading Strategies: checking it out / finding the facts / what’s the order / connecting / thinking ahead / using clues / giving an opinion / getting the point
Synthesis: ex. movie synopsis
Select information + share
Guided reading while others silent read, journal, etc.
Choice: chance to read a small section allows child to decide on their own, teacher suggestions and background information
Pick a quote: what does this make you think of? / what questions does it raise?
Independent work precedes group work
Front load