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Hello Metro North Cohort !

The 2010 Metro North PITA YPS Start UP Workshops are now scheduled and ready.
Get a flyer here.
More information and to Register.


I hope that you were able to get to Ray Appel’s website. Go to my Free Stuff page to download a FREE summary of the workshop along with some templates and ideas for Unit Planning. Go to www.zapple.ca Then go to FREE STUFF. Click on HERE. Then, type in the password “zapplepi”. Look for the folder called, “NEW TEACHER (PITA). I’ll leave it up until the end of the month.

Think about the ideas talked about in the math session. Look in the Unit Plans that have already been created in the good, more recent resources out there. When you think of what we explored, along with the specific things shown in the NEW TEACHERS booklet, you should be well on your way!

Thanks, Ray A.

Info on Elaine Jaltema’s Literature Circle approach can be found on the resources section of the pita.ca website.