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This page is for Information and Ideas from PITA Whistler:

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1. Get more information and links and a brief statements of what will be available from the publishers.

3. Workshop Comments and questions for the presenters– Post them here:

Post your questions and ideas here. To start the conversation, I’ve posted the workshop description below.

A. You CAN Teach Everybody Math
with John Mighton
Ability in math can be nurtured in even the weakest students. Be presented with evidence and ideas of math that should be used in the successful math classroom. Also learn hands on strategies to help those students who are struggling. Gr. 4-8 John Mighton is the founder of JUMP math, a charity dedicated to improving the teaching of mathematics. He is also an adjunct professor of math at U of T and a fellow of the Fields Institute.

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This year, I used Jump Math for a student who was ‘off the charts’ and needed extra support. The key (and hard) part was ensuring that I did a short lesson each day so that he understood the instructions and could do the lesson. Then, gradually, the ‘step by step’ nature of Jump Math helped him make progress and gradually gain confidence. In a way the confidence gained was the real benefit. Once he got greater number fluency, and confidence. He engaged more and started to make real progress. Ray.

B. Use Literature Circles To Motivate All Readers
with Elaine Jaltema
Keep the focus of reading on enjoyment and discussing the big, fat, juicy issues in the book. Using very little written work and no formal roles, learn how to motivate kids to read with a literature circle format that is uncomplicated and easy to manage (even if you haven’t read all of the books). Gr. 4-8
Elaine Jaltema, a teacher in the Burnaby School District, received the first Premier’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Literacy.

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Hi there, I really enjoyed the conference and have myself created a lit circle that I would liks to share. Is there a good place to post all the materials that I have created?? Kari-
Put Lit circle suggestions in the Language Arts section.

C. Guys Write! Nine Sure-Fire Ways to Excite Your Boys (and Girls)
with Diana Cruchley
Maybe your boys don’t want to write, write the minimum, or don’t write well. This practical workshop presents 9 simple ways to TWEAK your writing program to make it fit more with how boys learn and includes more than two dozen great ideas for writing that your boys (and girls) will love – tomorrow.
Diana Cruchley is a recipient of the Governor General’s Flight to Freedom Literacy Award and a regular Pro-D presenter.

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D. Three ways to Differentiate Instruction with Amber Flanagan
Learn how to differentiate by planning your instruction to vary the content, process and/or product to engage all of the students in your classroom. Bring some lessons or a unit you have already created. Together we will examine some sample units before we start to redesign your own unit in the afternoon for use in your classroom right away! Gr. 3-7
Amber Flanagan holds an MA in Educational Psychology with a focus on student motivation and engagement.

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April 19: Hello everyone. I am really looking forward to the workshop on the 30th and hope it will answer all of your questions and meets all of your needs. Please post any questions you have here, bring them with you to the workshop and feel free to bring any examples, ideas or lessons you have seen or done that are either already differentiated to share, or that you would like to differentiate for next time. See you all there! Amber

May 15. I decided to try using a National Geographic Unit on ‘Shaping Earth’s Surface’ as a spin off from my grade 4/5 weather unit. The kit has varied reading levels and some good sections. The thing I liked most was using it to teach Language arts outcomes like a cause and effect essay. I worked with my lowest writers and used a couple of the BLM from the book. During the summer I’ll try to post a couple that I thought of myself that might work better.
I’ve posted a Learning by Design (sometimes called backwards design) unit plan (NOTE its NOT complete) in the Science section if you’re interested. Ray

E. Use Simple, effective strategies to Reach More Kids… Better
with Mary Moody
Approach different student learning needs with a small arsenal of simple, effective and adaptable strategies that reach most students, most of the time. By using these strategies in a planned, purposeful and consistent way in all subjects and grades, you will reach and teach more students . . . better. Gr. 4-10
This is Mary Moody’s 14th PITA workshop, and teachers keep asking for more! Her sessions are hard driving and loaded with information.
– I’m saddened to report that Mary Moody passed away in 2014. She cared for children who were having trouble with school, and creatively looked for ways to help them succeed. She had so many ideas to share. Teachers whose children were having difficulty often when up to see her after her workshops, and she was always willing to share her ideas. She will be missed.

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April 25, 2010 – I am really looking forward to seeing Mary Moody again. She is so energizing! I have used some of her math strategies and watched my students go from feeling like failures to feeling confident that they could learn math. I have even used some of her strategies to help my stepson. I was trying to explain exponents to him one day and he just wasn’t getting it. Then I remembered Mary’s simple strategy… “Exponents are clones”, i.e., 2 to the power 3 is 2 cloned 3 times or 2 x 2 x 2. As soon as I explained it that way, my stepson looked at me and said, “That makes sense!” As a learning support teacher, I am always looking for ways to help classroom teachers enable more students to be successful in their classroom. Simple things like providing written instructions for students who have difficulty with auditory processing or short term memory. How can I help classroom teachers see that these kinds of simple adaptations are necessary for some students and that we are not “babying” students by providing such supports? I know myself if a teacher asks me something in the hallway, I always ask them to write me a note. Otherwise, I will forget what they asked! (I have so much to remember every day and my brain just doesn’t retain things as well as it used to. This is my way of coping with my overloaded memory.) Why can’t we see that our students need these kinds of “crutches” as well? Rae

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Get ProD Money (as a TTOC)

This page is meant to summarize information about ProD funding from Districts and BCTF Locals.
It is for information only, and as this page is a wiki, and can be changed by anyone, we will not be responsible for errors, although we regret them. So far we have not have any instances.
You can usually reach your district’s Pro D Chair through the email pdxx@bctf.ca where xx is the district number or contact the BCTF Local office (usually closed during the summer), find their contact information here.
The ProD Chair or Local officer should be able to answer any questions. Please ask them to list the information here for us all.Please put information about how to apply .for money your district in the list below (click on the Edit button above) and add information for your district and local.
See also Events List Pro D for dates of Pro D in each district.

Apply for Money

SD23 Central Okanagan (Kelowna)

How to get money for the Summer Institute:

  • S.D. #23 teacher– $35/full or part day– (Fees will be paid from your school Pro-d fund. Your school pro-d rep/secretary will be invoiced directly.)
  • T.T.O.C.s:Register as above. Registration costs will be charged to the C.O.T.A. T.T.O.C. PD account.
  • Some charges for individual workshops may apply (check descriptions)
  • Cancellations must be processed through cbodeux@sd23.bc.ca
  • You will be charged if you don’t cancel by Aug 30
  • Refunds will only be issued under special circumstances.

It is a condition of employment that teachers attend Professional Development during the last week of August – Summer Institute.

  • If your activity is outside of this week you should be filling in a PDP form.
  • An Individual Pro-d Activity formwould be used if you intend to do your own activity, rather than a registered workshop, during the week of Aug. 30th.

If a teacher is hired after June 30th the Administrator will give that teacher an opportunity to file a PDP. If a teacher is hired after the summer Pro-d days, that teacher must file a PDP in order to be paid for 3 of the days during the extra week of Spring Break.
Teachers may elect to develop a Professional Development Plan (PDP) for the next or current school year indicating a goal(s) and activities to be pursued. These activities can be done [at the teacher’s option] in lieu of any, or all, of the designated professional development days in summer (it is possible to complete the Professional loansDevelopment Plan process and still participate in the three summer Pro-D days), but may not
be done to replace Pro-D days during the regular school year
If a teacher is planning on doing self-directed professional development (i.e. professional reading, research, collegial discussions) on a regularly scheduled Pro-d day they should be filling in an Individual Pro-d Activity
form. This form is intended to be the paperwork trail that protects you should anyone question what you were doing on a Pro-d day. Please keep a file for your Pro-d activities. The Pro-d chair reviews the forms only to ensure that everything is in order and our contract is being observed.
Teachers choosing a Professional Growth Plan (PGP)
for their Teacher Performance Appraisal should know before the end of June preceding the year that they are to be evaluated. They may choose to use Summer Institute workshops towards their PGP.
SD34 – Abbotsford: There is an application through the Abbotsford Teacher’s Association 2570 Cyril Street, Abbotsford, B.C V2S 2G2 or (604) 854-1946.
I don’t think it is online but if you go to the office, they will give it to you.
You are eligible for up to $150 in reimbursement per year but there is a limited fund for the money so apply early.

SD36: Surrey- Teachers can apply for pro-d funding from their schools for the Start UP! Series. Contact your local school pro-d chair to see how much you will be able to apply for. Then fill out the individual application form (make sure to have it signed by your school pro-d chair) and send it to the STA office attention Professional Issues Officer, or Donna Stewart.

  • TTOC’s are eligible for up to $150 in reimbursement per year through the Surrey Teachers’ Associationbut there is a limited fund for the money so apply early.http://www.surreyteachers.org/publications-resources/forms/ under “STA Pro-D Forms” > “Teachers-On-Call”
  • TTOC’s in Surrey are elligible to be paid by their employer for Pro-D Days if they work the *same* assignment the day before AND the day after the pro-d day. They need to have worked 20 days in the last 3 months. Please see the definitive info in the link just above
  • Application form: ProDTOC.docProD Individual.pdf

SD 37 Delta- forms available here http://deltateachers.org/menu/pd

  • All DTA members (including TTOC’s) are eligible to apply for professional development funds up to $650.00 per year to a maximum of $1,000.00 over three years, depending on how much money is left in the fund at time of application. In order for an application to be accepted, it must be submitted for approval at least 14 days prior to the activity and needs to be accompanied by all pertinent documents.

SD39 Vancouver-
TTOCs: Kevin, TTOC rep. reports that VESTA will, once per school year, reimburse TTOCs $75 for any professional development they did during that school year.
Any (VESTA) TTOC can email Olgac@vesta.ca — — with proof of payment for a workshop. After that email is processed they should get a cheque in the mail.
Otherwise seems to be very little money available for Pro D in Vancouver. Apply early.
See booklet SD39 Pro-D-Handbook-2011.pdf for specific info or contact Vesta or a principal for more information.

SD 40 New Westminster- New West has fairly generous Pro D funding- contact your School Rep. or the Local office.

SD 41- Burnaby-SD41.
Application is made to the ‘Detached Duty’ Committee.-The forms are available at any school. Most of the procedure is listed on the form.
There is a monthly meeting at which applications are approved. Usually a limited number of applications are approved for any one event. You must generally apply one month in advance, but informally this has been waived for those hired too late to meet this rule. Check with the Pro D Chair pd41@bctf.ca or the Local President: lp41@bctf.ca
During the school year, get info from a member of the Detached Duty Committee, or ask a staff rep, or call the Burnaby Teachers Assoc. ph 604 294-8141.
Email the district detached duty committee at detached.duty@sd41.bc.ca

Each school also has about $2000-$3000 of Pro D money. The allocation of this is usually a group decision by the Staff Committee. Ask your principal about this money.

If you and your colleagues are interested in purchasing professional reading materials/resources for your staff, there is money available through the Professional Growth Program clause in the Burnaby Teachers’ Association (BTA) collective agreement (talk to your staff rep or the BTA office 604-294-8141). A way to purchase professional resources is through your school’s library funding (see your school librarian for info).

SD42 Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows
Funding for professional learning activities can come from a number of sources.
Teachers (including TTOC’s) can apply for up to $400 towards professional development activities such as conferences, release time for observation, or networking activities. Pro D reps in each school provide, and sign off on, the application form, which is then submitted to the MRTA office. Please note: applications must be received no later than two weeks before the actual date of the activity; In addition to this funding, school administrators can sometimes provide direct payday loan funding or release time. The district also periodically puts out a call for JECIC grant applications, projects that support educational change.
Please contact the MRTA office (604-467-2111) for clarification or additional information.

SD 43 Coquitlam:
TOCs and contract teachers get $60 plus 1/2 of the remainder for eligible Pro D events.

Yes- StartUp! Is eligible for PD Assistance for Coquitlam teachers as long as they get their applications in 2 weeks prior to the start. New hires are eligible to apply once we have confirmation that they are employees. More info at:
Or contact Holly, ProD Chair for more information at pd43@bctf.ca

SD 46 Sunshine Coast
Contact Paddy McCallum pd46@bctf.ca

SD48 Sea to Sky

SD52- Prince Rupert.
Most of the PD money for our district is distributed to the schools, while a lump sum is held back by the Joint Professional Development Committee for TTOC’s and schools which may run out of funds. Each school is given their lump sum based on the FTE of its staff. Every school has a process in place for accessing the PD funds, and you should speak to the PD chair within the school for more information. Most schools will cover two days of TTOC and a lump sum of $800-900. If you are working less than full time your lump sum will be pro-rated. TTOC’s will need to complete a Joint PD application form to access funds from the Joint PD Committee. Please contact Alison at pd52@bctf.ca for further information.

SD59 Ft St John

SD60 Dawson Creek

SD 61 Victoria.
All GVTA members may apply to the Professional Development Joint Fund for financial assistance when pursuing a
Pro-D activity. The GVTA contributes 40% and the School Board 60% towards the joint Pro D Fund.
Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about obtaining funding:
1. What is the maximum funding I can get?
Further limits exist within the $500.00, so you cannot; for example, claim more than the maximum for transportation if
you save money on accommodations by staying with friends. These are the current maximums:
The absolute maximum you will get is $500.00 and 2 TOC days (should one be required).
Registration: Max. $500.00 (original registration receipt required)
Transportation: – Victoria to Mill Bay: $ 0.00, – Mill Bay to Parksville: 50.00, – North of Parksville: 75.00 – Lower Mainland and beyond: 100.00
Accommodation: Maximum of 2 nights $100.00/night (original hotel receipt required)
$30.00/night hospitality allowance is claimable if you elect to stay with family or friends. The maximum is 2 nights.
Meals: – Breakfast: $ 11.00 – Lunch: 14.00 – Dinner: 21.00
Maximum of two days meals.
Meals included within the conference will be deducted from the allowable maximum.
Childcare Services:
A maximum claim of $150 per 24-hour day will be paid for outside (not family members) childcare services. Where care is
required for less than a full day, the amount paid will be based on the number of hours of childcare at the minimum wage.
The GVTA will only reimburse members for dependant costs that would not otherwise be incurred by the member. An
official receipt of cost incurred will be required for reimbursement.

Qualicum School District 69 – Parksville, BC
Our professional development funds are divided into two separate committees: Personal Professional Development and In-District Pro D

Every year, each teacher can apply for $350 plus 3 TTOC release days from the Personal Professional Develoment fund.
This committee meets once a month to process the application form and re-imburse funds. TTOC’s can apply for $300 Usually, the multi-carbon forms can be found in the staff room or office at the schools. Send completed forms to Karen Strong at French Creek Community School. Sometimes, there is an extra Summer Fund of $200 for the first 10 applicants.

The In-District Pro D Committee uses funds to support school-based Pro D Day and plans the district Professional Development Days. This committee meets once a month at the MATA office on Weld Street. The In-District Pro-D Committee also maintains a web site.

Denise Spencer-Dahl and Lesley Rowan
Professional Development Co-Chairpersons
Qualicum School District #69
Mt. Arrowsmith Teachers’ Association
MATA In-District Pro D Committee
PO Box 1286, #105 – 191 Jensen Ave. E
Parksville, BC V9P 2H3
FAX: 250.248.3440
http://pd69.pbworks.com payday text

SD73 Kamloops Thompson
TOC Funding Application

SD74 Gold Trail
or contact:
Cameron Rittinger lp74@bctf.ca
President GTTA 74
Phone – Office: 250 453 2696 Cell: 250 457 7351
411 Brink Street, Ashcroft PO Box 1214 Ashcroft, V0K 1A0

SD81 Ft Nelson