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Hi Participants in the PITA Fall Conference and especially you UBC-O Student Teachers!:

Student teachers, here’s how to complete the sharing of your notes (a link to your pages is at the bottom):

1.Ask to join (on the upper left) and then you will be able to create your own pages in the future (right now you can only add to or edit existing pages).

2.Go to the Welcome Page and bookmark it so you can easily come back and share or get materials.
By the way, I’ll be posting materials all through the month of November, and will be offering prizes etc for your participation.
I hope you will share your materials and let me know what you would like me to get for you.

3.List the workshop you did on this page (use the edit this page tool above),

4. Go to the topic page that I created for your workshop and post your material.
–I think I have created pages for each workshop, but if I’m missed you just insert your notes below on this page, and I’ll create a page for you.
Go to the ‘Read Aloud’ page (on the left) and you can see Jennifer’s notes there.

5. Be sure to put Created by (your name) at the end of the notes and on the history log of ‘your’ page. You can add your email if you wish.
By the way, each page includes a discussion section that you can use for comments.

Send me an email ( with your mailing address to let me know you are done!
Finally (if you wish) a brief note or comment on this program would be good feedback to those who are funding and supporting this:
The Ministry of Education (most of the money) and the Central Okanagan and Abbotsford Teachers Associations (most of the help) and our PITA executive. .
This is a pilot program which we hope to extend so that you can benefit from it during your first year of teaching.

Let me know ASAP if you are having trouble doing any of this.. you can text me at [LiveCall:604999-5779|604 999-5779]] (no phone calls, but you can include yours OK?)

Ray Myrtle
PITA President
PS Sarah Mc, Megan B, Melissa H- I may have got your email’s incorrect- Please let them know about this page.

PITA Fall Conference Workshop Notes- Links:

F02 Helping the Disorganized Child–Mary Moody
F2 Kenya Our Global Friend
F6 Enlightening Electricity
F13 Survival Guide to Teaching the Gifted in the Regular Classroom
F19 Creativity 101
F20 Aren’t Fractions Just Part of the Whole?
F21-Helping Troubled Kids – Melissa McNenly
F25 The Show Not Tell Approach to Learning
F35 It’s the Earthquake’s Fault
F47 Healthy Eating- Action Schools
F48 This Can’t Be Math… I Like It – Melissa McNenly
F55 Volleyball Coaching
F73 Silk Screening
F75 Cooking with Chemistry

Send an email to Ray at