This page is dedicated to the BC Curriculum before 2015.

This page is provides a link to a spreadsheet with all the K-7 IRPs on a spreadsheet.- When you open it, read the instructions- they will save you time!
Our thanks to Brian!

Here are the instructions:
“The IRPs are all in the tab that says All IRPs. The whole database/spreadsheet
uses the Filter option under the DATA menu. This will work on versions of Excel
from at least Excel 97, and may work on earlier versions, although I do not have
this to try. If you don’t have a new enough version of Excel, then this spreadsheet
will open in Open Office Calc, and the filters will work in that program, although
the page formatting may be slightly different.

All of the IRPs that have been updated recently, show the year of the IRP.

To select a specific IRP, point your mouse at the down arrow beside the
word Subject (top row). When you click the mouse, the IRP titles should drop
down in a list. Select the subject you would like to print the IRP for. Then, if you
would like to print a specific grade level, point at the arrow beside
Grade Level and select the specific grade level from the list that drops down.

I’ve set it up so the pages print on 8.5 x 11 inch paper, in landscape. From the one
grade level I tried this morning, it worked well, so good luck with it.

Sorry it took so long. The Ministry still hasn’t sent the CDs, so I got tired of waiting for them and
just did this. Brian”

Download file: All IPRs 2007-2008.xls

A copy of the instructions (above) are found on the worksheet called ‘docs’ and the IRPs are on the worksheet named IPRs.
You can select these worksheets by looking to the bottom of your excel page. Then see the directions on this page above or on the docs page to select different grades and subjects.

I’m keeping a master copy then using another copy and commenting as I go through the year.